Saturday, October 8, 2011

colorado 9/17-24, 2011

at the zoo

red rocks amphitheater

top of rocky mtn np

at the wild animal sanctuary

amelia got to meet the

"plane drivers"

4:30am, newark hilton after

mommy got out of bed!!

so, we went to colorado for a week to visit some family and friends and it was a blast!!

little miss a was a total rock star through security at the newark airport and on the plane ride out to's 4.5 hours!! we spent some time with my cousin and her family and then some time with karl's aunt. we went to a wild animal sanctuary where the rescue mainly large animals, lions, tigers, bears oh my!! they also have some wolves, sheep, goats and a camel!!

we went to rocky mountain np, and boy was it cold at the top!! saw elk and marmots, but not mountain goats (well, we saw them at the zoo!). i went to a rockies game for my birthday with my cousin and her friend and had a blast!

we went to a dinosaur place and saw fossils and footprints and then on to red rocks amphitheater. spend the day at the denver zoo, which is awesome!!! had dinner in downtown denver at bd's mongolian bbq and my friend, bryan (from camp and psec-ucc) met us there.

karl's aunt watched little miss a for 2 days, so that we could go and do some shopping and sightseeing on our own. spend the afternoon in boulder, on pearl st shopping and the next day we went to estes park, did some more shopping and sightseeing and did a little wine tasting on the way back.

it was a jam packed week and by the time we got on the plane to come home, the rock star had left and we had a very cranky 3 year old!! BUT, looking back on the week, she did awesome!!

PS - sorry, but i loaded the pics backwards to my story again!!

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